It is learnt that similar to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) there are various ways to optimize mobile App for ranking higher in Google Play Store. You can also professionally make your content rank higher in search engines. In addition App Store Optimization is the quality process of improving the visibility of the mobile apps in play store searches. The innovative idea behind ASO is to perfectly optimize your Android app to make appear on top.

Amazingly you can also drive users to your app page and increase downloads. If your app is illustrated on top of other similar apps, there are good chances of a global user downloading your app over the other app is immensely high.

It is well known fact that no one knows accurate algorithms used by Google Play store for ranking the apps, but professional experts enumerate that there are few ranking factors which would play the key role in ranking of your app in Play store.

What is actually about Downloads?

The number of downloads of your app reflects the popularity of your app. The more downloads your app has more effective chances it has of being in the top search results.

Illustration of App Reviews and Ratings

The Google gives more importance to the search optimization. Moreover tha apps having quality positive reviews and best ratings are given much higher preference to the apps having lower ratings by global users. So less popular apps with lesser downloads but better ratings are actually ranked higher than familiar apps with a lower rating.

Long Period of Installs

For how much period of your app is kept installed by the user in their mobile is certainly a factor which Google virtually consider. The Google seems to actively track the time of app installation and offer positive points for longer installed apps.

Factor of Uninstalls

The app developers with instant un-installation of the apps after being downloaded when the latest version is released would certainly get your app bad ranking in search results. So eventually you can try to avoid this happening for better prosperous results.