Menzy is a passively earning AI fully body movement platform with an integrated virtual fitness center. Menzy is a one-of-a-kind algorithmic system that detects any activity or sport taking place using your mobile camera-enabled device and rewards you for every move you make.

What exactly is Menzy?

Menzy’s Move2Earn allows you to earn money passively and actively by walking, running, and participating in other real-world sports and activities. This opens up a new paradigm for wallets, in which a wallet’s total assets can grow over time while still being used for all other utilities. MenzyMove and MenzyStep are two distinct features of the Menzy Ecosystem.

  • Move To Earn
  • Compete To Earn
  • Semantic Segmentation
  • Pose Estimation
  • Gps + Step Count Earning

Menzy is introducing the Move2Earn body movement count system, allowing users to earn passive income through MNZ Tokens. Many current Move2earn systems only count steps, but Menzy they have created a one-of-a-kind algorithmic system that detects any activity or sport taking place using your mobile camera or a camera-enabled device.

The activity is detected visually by our system. Furthermore, our software can recognize an individual’s pose, and the Menzy platform rewards the user for successful movements.

The covid pandemic and the passage of time have resulted in a decrease in physical activity. Working from home is becoming more common. Menzy was adeptly designed to help people maintain an active lifestyle with minimal effort and to encourage people to move. Menzy only requires a camera or GPS device, such as your phone. The Menzy platform and algorithms enable an individual to earn while remaining active.

Menzy is an entire ecosystem in which the Menzy (MNZ) Tokens will have utilities such as staking, payments, transfers, and base swaps and will serve as collateral for BNPL. Individuals can use their MNZ Tokens for various additional features and activities in the real world and the relevant Metaverse.

These are wholly saved in the Menzy wallet after earning MNZ through various activities. This Menzy wallet app converts 3D Facial Nodal 3 points to your password hash. In other words, all blockchain assets stored on Menzy’s software wallet app are secure and can only be accessed by holders who have been verified using facial biometrics.

The Menzy step mechanism allows people to earn passively by steps by simply holding Menzy’s unique NFTs. Each Menzy NFT has its own distinct features and functionalities in the Move2Earn arena, where all Menzy holders can compete in outdoor sports and physical activities such as running, squats, skipping, boxing, and so on. Menzians can not only compete with their peers in real-world sports and physical athletes, but they can also take absolute advantage of Peer to Peer Virtual Training Consultation and connect with different cross-fit qualified trainers from around the world for training routines and plans.

Final Thoughts

People find many quality apps in various genres, and nothing compares to the rewarding satisfaction people get when they finally figure out the correct app solution as they experience in this web app of Menzy.

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