Planning events with friends can be a stressful experience. With Happin, their squads feature makes it easy to create virtual hangouts for your groups of friends, so you have a dedicated place to hang, plan and talk about events.

What events, you say? Using the app, you’ll be able to discover all the events in your area. From theater to festivals and everything in between, Happin puts a whole host of events in the palm of your hand.

Whether your friends aren’t into the same events as you, or you’re just looking to make new connections, Happin makes it easy. In fact, facilitating connections through common interests is Happin’s main mission.

When you register as an attendee to an event, you’ll be able to Tinder-swipe through other attendees and open a chat with them, providing they swipe you too. Using filters, you can exclude yourself from appearing in searches, or certain people from appearing in yours, so you can use the app knowing that you’re in control of who you see, and who sees you.

Then there’s a group chat feature. Group chats are created for each event, and provide a fun, welcoming space where people can hype up the event, make connections and share their fun stories afterwards. Group chats stay open for 48 hours after an event to give you one last chance at making connections.

There’s so much more to an event than just, well, the event. The buzz before, the story swapping afterwards, they are amazing experiences. Happin brings together the entire experience and allows you to find amazing, like-minded people along the way. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a new tribe, or a friend for life.

Download the app on IOS, Google Play or visit for more information.