The biggest downside to online shopping is that, if you want to try something on, you need to order multiple sizes and return the ones you don’t need. It leaves you questioning whether it’s actually easier than just going to the store.

TRYO, available on IOS, makes the process easier by allowing you to try clothes on virtually. It uses AR technology to render lifelike-quality accessories on you so that you can see how you’d look. From watches and sunglasses to hats and sneakers, you’ll find it all. You’ll find big brands you know and love, as well as others you may not be familiar with.

It’s not only great for trying on things you want, it’s useful for discovery, too. If you’re thinking about buying an item you’re not sure if you’ll suit, or something outside of your usual style, why take the risk and pay for it? Just try it on using TRYO!

Once you’ve selected the item, just point your camera at the correct body part and watch as the app displays it on you. We were surprised at how realistic the items were, and felt we were able to properly judge how we’d look while wearing it.

So whether you’re shopping, discovering or just curious about how far AR technology has come, check out TRYO on IOS today!