Ever thought that you have a good general knowledge? Wondered about your IQ? Well, you could test for yourself how knowledgeable you are in various fields. To help you with this, Swiss developer Patrick Dittrich has come up with an app named Mindoo. This addictive, interesting and fun app takes your knowledge to the next level.

Mindoo just as the name suggests, helps you to brainstorm and come out with the answers for the different questions that were framed under the different topics. The various fields of knowledge included in the app are Art, Sports, Politics and Economy, Geography, Transportation, Miscellaneous and many more. The free version of the app helps you unlock certain quizzes whereas the paid/full version of the app comes with quizzes under 130 categories.

Mindoo has so many unique features that keep you learning as much as you want. It is being updated on a regular basis so that you will have the motivation to learn something new every time. The app does not ask for any sign in/sign up option which is actually a much relieving factor when it comes to using it. Just install it and you can answer the quizzes one by one. After you finish answering every question, just click right or wrong according to your answers. When you have all of them answered, the app displays the score for 100. This way the app helps to see how knowledgeable we are in every individual field.

If you are preparing for some competitive exams, this app will help you crack them in no time. If you are right, you can be so happy about it and if you are wrong, then you have no issues as you can correct them later. Mindoo is definitely one of this category and will be of great use to all those who wish to refresh their knowledge. The game can be played in two modes: original and shuffle. The ‘Home’ icon of the app comes with many options which display instructions, tips, and score per topic, the share button and others.

Mindoo is compatible for all those who use smartphones with iOS and Android operating systems. It is equipped with quality-controlled content that is worthy, well-known and exciting. Be it kids or adults, anyone can use this app and improve their intelligence.

So what are you still waiting for? Go On! Download the game Mindoo and crack as many questions as you can.

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