Devil Ninja 2: The game seemed to down load fine to my Android, no issues or waiting, it loaded immediately and ran beautifully. I have to say I really love this game, even when I feel the developer should change a couple things. It is just that with such a good job on the design, I would of expecting at least a 3D game from the

This is a very fast-paced game, constantly going forward nonstop. Here was a feature that I wish I could have had more control over. With all of that said, Devil Ninja 2 was a very addicting game, that you just cannot seem to put down.

Devil Ninja 2 has a completely new battle on devil’s land; it is time for all the Ninja action to start. This face paced Ninja game, where your job is to fight the monsters, do not forget to kill the king


So let us talk about all the cool and new things! You have a new BOSS, with some real neat weapons to use in the new Devil’s world. Advanced and classic gameplay choose, with support on tablets, and HD resolution.