Skillsz is a platform that helps companies to test the skills of their developers. The platform uses AI and machine learning to help companies find the best developers for the job.

Skillsz has been able to save time and money by helping companies easily find the best developer for their project. The platform has helped companies reduce hiring costs by up to 70% by quickly identifying which developer is right for them.

The company is also on track with its goal of being able to identify talent across different job roles, such as UX/UI designers and product managers.

How to Get Started

  • Create a Test -Define the position that you are currently hiring for.
  • Design a Test -Mix and match skills and proficiency levels to tailor as per your needs.
  • Invite Candidates- Invite candidates by email or import a list using an excel sheet or share a permanent link.
  • Get Result – Get instant results as candidates appear for the tests and hire confidently.


·        Customizable Solutions as per Your Recruitment Needs

·        Invite Candidates with Different Invitation Options.

·        Use a Ready-to-Use Library of 5000+ Questions.

·        Showcase Your Brand with Custom Branding

·        Real-time Dashboard to Track Tests Easily

·        An Anonymous Domain to Protect Privacy

·        Combat Bias with a Data-Driven Approach

·        Anti-Fraud Tracking to Ensure Fair Assessment

·        Detailed Analytics to Help You in Better Hiring

·        Instant Report to Reduce Hiring Time

·        Blocking/Unblock a Candidates

·        Random Question Selection for Accurate Assessment

A special team to support the clients

Founder – Quality Candidate Assessment at Competitive Pricing

Recruiting Manager – High Accuracy Tech Assessment -Simplified to Speed up Efficient Hiring.

Technical Manager – Assess candidates’ proficiency with pre-built assessment questions and get the best tech talent for your team.

Take Away

I’ve been using Skillsz for over 6 months now and it has saved me hours of time and money. I can quickly screen my team for their skills and know that my developers are ready to meet the challenges of our projects.