Learn exactly what your customers think and feel about your Google Play app. Don’t let your customer’s valuable voice get lost in a sea of data. Sentiment Scanner can help you delve into the depths of customer sentiment, identify trends, and uncover hidden opportunities that will propel your business forward.

Why Choose Sentiment Scanner?

Google Play Comment Analytics

With powerful Google Play comment analysis platform, you can gain valuable insights from your app’s user feedback, improve its performance, and increase customer satisfaction.

Use NPS Scoring to Your Advantage

Track the Net Promoter Score (NPS) of your app to gauge customer loyalty and satisfaction. Identify flaws and optimise your app based on real-world user feedback.

Interactive Charts

Our platform provides interactive charts that show the progress of your app’s NPS score, allowing you to visualise its performance and make data-driven decisions.

Reports Delivered to Your Inbox on Schedule

Keep up to date with regular, scheduled reports delivered directly to your inbox. Without lifting a finger, you can keep track of your app’s performance, NPS score, and user feedback trends.

Convert User Input into Actionable Insights

This advanced analysis platform classifies user feedback as good, bad, or actionable. Use these insights to prioritise improvements and improve the user experience of your app.

Seamless Integration with Google Play Store

This platform integrates directly with the Google Play Store, allowing you to easily access and analyse user feedback. Begin in minutes and watch your app’s performance skyrocket.

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What makes the Sentiment Scanner tool different from others?

It distinguishes itself through text analysis, data extraction such as positive and negative aspects, areas for improvement, as well as its unique integration with ChatGPT and the ability to generate custom reports such as “What do users think about the UI?”

Can I create my own reports and ask ChatGPT questions?

Yes, ChatGPT now has the ability to generate reports and handle inquiries.

Final Words

Sentiment Scanner can assist you in delving into customer sentiment, identifying trends, and uncovering hidden opportunities that will propel your business forward.