Sophrosyne is a ‘new kid on the block’ in the App Store for iOS platform. The app comprises 10 thriller stories by Felix Long. Avid readers who are over 16 are sure to find themselves glued to the app. If you have a long and boring journey ahead of you and have finished reading all your books, you must surely buy this affordable app from the App Store.

Once you pay for the app, you can get started with the download and installation right away. After this, just tap on the icon and start reading the story of your choice. Each story transports you into a new world with your thinking cap on and makes you forget that you are headed on a tiring journey. Things become more and more complicated and at one point in time, you even find fingers pointing towards the investigating officer Detective Hubert Maimone himself. This perplexes him as well. To know how he solves the mystery and the reason behind the murders, you have to read on to the very end of the story.

The concept behind each story holds your attention and you may even wish that your commute does not end so that you do not have to stop at an interesting point. Authored by Felix Long, you can be assured that the stories leave no room for disappointment. The font size can be increased as in any e-book so that you do not have difficulty in reading. Now, that is one more reason why you should definitely install Sophrosyne. Enlarged fonts will not cause eye strain when you read in a moving vehicle and it makes you look forward to turning each page of the book to know what happens next.

If you have an iPhone or iPad with iOS 8 or higher, there is no excuse for not getting Sophrosyne. When there is no way you can avoid a long commute, the app comes to your rescue. With 10 stories that keep you involved until the end,the mystery behind each death keeps you guessing till the very end. We won’t be surprised if you forget to get off at your destination because you will be so engrossed in the stories!Android users can also get this app on their smartphone for a nominal fee. Interestingly, the author himself launched the Android version around the same time as its iOS counterpart.

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