The Outsiders envisioned a new way of designing amazing off-the-beaten-path trips halfway between a travel agency, an inspirational guide, and a travel planner.

These days, the struggle in planning a trip is not finding the best plane ticket or the better accommodation but instead discovering targeted and helpful information, unearthing places that are less frequented and truly strange, and building the best path based on your desires and the time you have.

As such, what was the point of going through a traditional travel agency, which will almost always provide you with an all-inclusive formula and will begin charging a commission on each reservation made for flights, accommodation, car rental, activities, visits, insurance, etc.?

Your trip will often cost less if you go through The Outsiders than if you organize it yourself. The Outsiders work with and negotiate terms with the best guides and service providers on-site to ensure you get the best rates for accommodation, activities, visits, and car rentals.

Whereas traditional travel agencies keep the price difference to increase their margin and offset their many costs, we pass on the savings to you because we are committed to providing our customers with transparent and hidden charges. The savings will thus pay for a significant portion of the cost of organizing your 100% tailor-made trip. Moreover, The Outsiders work will save you valuable time.

How Does It Work?

Tell Us Everything 

  • The Outsiders talk to you to better understand your expectations and desires.

Be Surprised

  • They provide a wide range of unusual destinations based on your interests, budget, and time of year.

Let Us Work For You

  • They develop a comprehensive itinerary for you day by day and send you booking links (transport, accommodation, and activities)

Leave Serenely In Autonomy

  • You get your digital mini-guide with all the information you need to go on a worry-free trip.

Get Your Customised Travel Guide

Your Comprehensive Itinerary

  • Discover the stages of your itinerary for each day and all of our practical advice.

A Summary of the Locations Visited

  • Learn about information, explanations, and external resources to ensure you get everything during your visit.


  • Access a summary of your expenses to manage your travel budget better.

To-do List Before Departure

  • They list everything you need to do and think about before you leave, so you remember everything!

All Your Reservations

  • Quickly locate all of your reservations (flights, transport, accommodation, visits, and activities)

All the Formalities in One Click

  • Know everything about entry requirements, including Covid-19 restrictions, vaccines, and visas, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Final Words

The Outsiders goal is to make a tailor-made trip’s experience, quality, and fluidity affordable to as many people as possible.

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