Explorers and connoisseurs were so scrupulous on the things they listed with their interests. Places, movies, dishes, books, and whatever other interesting things in the world will be on their lists. Not only explorers but every person in this world has his list of interests. We author our lists on social media or kept it as our note, here space was filled out by Medalist.

Medalist permits to create several lists as a taxonomy, we can save of memories about the things we enjoyed in past with photos and short notes in Bench. Medalist has another option as Podium, which allows users to save their interests as like top tens or hundreds of things. Designing these kinds of lists can help users to prioritize their desires and also acquire knowledge about new things from other users.

In this application, users can watch the Medalist community people who are in their march towards their desired things. Whatever things you add to your list will be reflected in your timeline and other users can view, comment on your interests. Lists and recommendations from the Medalist community will be notified to you. The list with unique fascinating things will be appreciated by other users and if they add items from your creative lists it will be credited with poach counts. The highest poach count shows the meticulous user among the community.

Users can control the viewers and keep their lists without sharing them with other users as optional. And this app constructed with a strong algorithm that keeps user’s details safe and secure. In Medalist, we can add items like anything you love through Siri by giving commands. Moving items between lists and removing from interests made through simple navigations. Sharing items with your friends and creating a systematized feed lists to watch and discover made easier.

Medalist will be a stylish app for your app gallery which comes with a bold and blazing interface. Creating accounts and saving items will be a merrymaking activity for explorers. Uncovering interesting things from the community will be a great aid to people who love to experience novel things from the world.

Medalist needs iOS with 12.0 and later versions to work, and users are supported by https://medalist.app/. By creating lists using Medalist will help users to remind themselves about the things they want to try in their lifetime and find some more new things to love.