DevOps has simplified the development life cycle for countless applications and is being adopted by businesses worldwide. However, managing and monitoring multiple environments remain a major challenge, especially when companies must mix cloud and legacy systems. Knowing when services fail and determining the root cause is critical for continuous development. Better Stack provides DevOps teams with services. Log tail, their first service, offers SQL-compatible structured log management. Query logs in the same way you would a database. Better Uptime, their second service, is an infrastructure monitoring platform that monitors Uptime and, when issues occur, sends voice calls, SMS, and a variety of other alerts with screenshots and error logs of the incident.

What is the Better Stack?

Better Stack’s mission is to assist developers in creating a better internet by creating powerful observability tools that are beautiful and easy to use. They are making it easier to ship better, more reliable software. Better Stack is a platform that combines monitoring, logging, incident management, status pages, and other features.

Creandum, Susa Ventures, K5 Global, Credo,, and Lachy Groom are among the investors in Better Stack. Better Stack has over 70,000 developers and 1,400+ customers as of 2022, including Accenture, Time Magazine, Decathlon, ESET, Brave, and Drata. For more information, go to Juraj Masar and Veronika Kolejak founded Better Stack, which now has a team spread across the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Czechia, Slovakia, and Nigeria. Early team members previously worked at Google, Shopify, Productboard, and Pipedrive, among other companies.

Juraj Masar and Veronika Kolejak founded the company in 2021, combining monitoring, logging, incident management, and status pages into a single platform. Better Stack focuses on Figma-like collaboration, allowing developers to work together in real-time. It is easy for engineering teams because it leverages SQL for data querying. The platform claims to be 10x cheaper and 10-100x faster than competitors and customers can keep data in hot storage for longer thanks to the ClickHouse database.

Final Thoughts

Better Stack has not only redefined the look and feels of beautiful and intuitive observability products but Better Stack customers will ultimately be empowered to build better products themselves.

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