Want to buy your favorite dress in that majestic showroom, but can’t find your size? You need not feel depressed about not being in shape or not having the perfect stats. Enter the Zone’ and burn fat even in your sleep, without feeling hungry, simply by balancing the proteins, carbs and fats you eat. Lose fat, instead of muscle or water and get your body into the healthy scale, where your clothes will fit you better.

The Zone diet will manage your Diet zone’ by giving you a diet balanced in protein, carbs and fats. This balance can help you control the three major hormones produced by the human diet; viz, insulin, eicosanoids and glucagon, which will in turn manage the effects generated on your body. Along with weight loss comes better health and, therefore, better life. Need some guidance for effective weight loss? Download Zone Diet- Realistic choice for Low Crab High Protein Diet by Apps Genie Limited. This app is an expert virtual dietician which effectively guides its user to their dream figure under the regulation of protein rich diet. Designed for iPhone users, this app includes helpful information to provide customized zone diet meals, having many health benefits. The zone diet meal, unlike your ordinary weight loss program, is designed for holistic health.



Some of the superb features of the app are mentioned out here:

  • A detailed follow up chart: Furnish the right details about your weight, height, gender and age, and the app will calculate your appropriate weight band. It will show the extra kilos you are required to squeeze out from your body.
  • It will provide you the Body-Fat weight and Lean-Body mass, and will determine the amount of protein needed each day
  • Diet plan: Apart from measuring the extra kilos it will also provide you with a healthy, balanced diet chart suiting your body type. Comes with a handy utility to calculate quantity of blocks you need.
  • Calorie intake: Update the diet chart with your daily food intake on hourly basis, and the app will calculate total number the total calories gained per day
  • Exercise plan: Zone diet provides you with handful of physical exercise regime for your body type.
  • Moral boost: The app will give you some useful tricks to be followed achieve the perfect figure, at constant intervals.
  • Recipe: It has a collection of delicious recipes, specifically designed for a health conscious person


  • Less memory space: This easy to download app is just 58.3 MB in size and does not consume a large memory space.
  • Simple Language: The entire layout and content is drafted in simple English, which anybody can follow.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with iOS 6 and other recent versions.
  • Attractive Graphics: The Display is engaging with suggestive themes.


Zone Diet, a new app in the fitness zone of smart phones was launched on September 2015. Looking at its launch date, the app has failed to receive critical reviews.

Final Verdict: 

Fit is the new fad! Though there are plenty of weight loss guide apps, the Zone diet app is a realistic choice for healthy low carb, high protein diet. So start your journey of getting healthy today, following the guidance of Zone Diet App!

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