Aasaan is a no-code ecommerce SAAS platform that enables small businesses to grow fearlessly by digitizing them. Aasaan trusts that giving small businesses more power and options can transform how e-commerce businesses operate and enable commerce for a new generation of small businesses to grow valiantly.

Create and Launch Quickly—All Without Writing Any Code

The built-in feature of aasaan allows you to create the page designs you want, customize blocks and layouts to match your brand’s style guide, mobile requirements, and SEO, and maintain connections across the entire e-commerce technology stack.

What can you do with Aasaan?

Make a Wonderful Website

Aasaan’s simple website builder allows you to customize the look and feel of your home pages, blogs, payment pages, checkout pages, and much more, instantly transforming your entire store.

The checkout Process Is Simple.

Aasaan’s lightning-fast checkout process includes auto-filled addresses, Pincode-based delivery, multiple payment options, and personalization. The Aasaan checkout process has been optimized for speed, maximum conversions, and a positive customer experience.

Sell Through Several Channels

Customers can purchase products from your website, QR ordering, WhatsApp store, Facebook shop, and Google shopping. Their integrations enable you to broaden your reach and increase your sales.

Smart Marketing Tools

You can reach more customers and increase your sales with built-in marketing tools. Gain control of your customer information and cart abandonment data in order to engage and retarget prospects. You can also generate coupon codes, social media posts, SEO, etc.

App Integrations

Apps for payments, shipping, analytics, customer support, and much more can be easily integrated. Their third-party app integrations make running your store simple.

 Control Everything

One single app to manage orders, inventory, customer information, invoices, shipping, payments, and analytics, giving you the insights you need to grow.

Mobile Apps

Create your mobile app in iOS and Android for enhanced customer engagement and global coverage so you can take advantage of every opportunity to provide a great customer experience.

Final Words

You can try Aasaan for free and learn about all the tools and services you’ll need to launch, sell, manage, market, and grow your company.

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