The goal of Global Predictions is to help all investors protect and grow their wealth, as well as make better investing decisions, by providing an investing framework and a robust, big-picture view of what matters in their portfolio and the economy as a whole, using easy-to-use top-tier automated financial models and tools. They provide all of the tools that investors require to manage their portfolios. Their system combines data from tens of thousands of sources to provide our users with the information they require. 

The Global Predictions system models and forecasts what will happen in public health, macroeconomics, and financial markets over the next 2-12 months. They are not merely attempting to generate a buy/sell signal, as most alpha strategies do. This absolute forecasting approach actually means that as more people trust and use the core model insights, network effects occur and forecast accuracy improves over time.

Global Forecasts PortfolioPilot is currently free

For far too long, we believe, there has been information asymmetry between individual and institutional investors. Despite the fact that there are well-established business models for selling data and market insight to institutions, making these insights available to individuals with highly personal investment objectives is a relatively new type of business.

That means we’re learning with and from users about how to best interact with our economic models, running simulations, and directly applying insights to their portfolios. Global Forecasts PortfolioPilot is currently free in order to remove any barriers to interaction with platform and ensure that they deliver the best results to 100,000s of users.

They are developing Global Predictions to assist all types of investors in better understanding the economy for the purposes of investing, planning, and risk management. Currently, our models are calibrated to assist individual investors in navigating specific challenges in personal investing and wealth management. Their quality models will diversify and become more useful to more stakeholders over time, allowing us to achieve company mission of reducing all external investment risk in order to promote global growth.

Why Global Predictions Always Succeed?

The majority of organisations that build quantitative investment models do so for the purpose of short-term investment value; in other words, they build many simple, bottom-up “good enough” models to make money now, rather than for long-term gains. We can focus on building a top-down, high-quality data and modelling product that will generate value for our users over the long-term course of many economic cycles and investment conditions because we are not focused on day trading. We believe that by combining hybrid-AI models and a modern data architecture, they can capture the long-term relationships that existing models ignore and pass that value on to our users in the form of better insights and suggestions for improvement.

Final Thoughts

The portfolio management system streamlines the complex investing process, allowing you to improve performance while reducing stress. The platform enables you to connect all aspects of your net worth multiple portfolios, real estate, cryptocurrency, and so on. After determining your investor profile, the system employs a Recommendation Engine backed by hedge fund calibre insights to provide personalised recommendations, portfolio optimisation, visual diversification, and other services. They generate a personalised Portfolio Score to help you understand how changes to your investments affect the overall portfolio.