Today, there are millions of apps developed for the comfort of people so that they can take both the advantage of the apps as well as their usage at the right time when they need it the most. However, when the device is easily portable you can easily use it anywhere at anytime and you can’t if they can’t be moved. For example- the social media apps, messaging apps, business apps, apps meant for work, etc. can be used everywhere because of their mobile version. Traditionally, desktops were used for most of the apps, but with the advent of technology everything is upgraded.

Today, I have an app for you which you can easily use on your mobile/smartphone anywhere at anytime. You don’t need to use laptops or desktops for seeing the updates or investing somewhere and find the right time to start. As the new technology has come, which enables you to trade at your fingertips. It’s none other than the ADSS trading, Orex app. With ADSS, you’ll be provided all the help and support you need to reach your true trading potential. You’ll find everything that you need on the app, regardless of what your trading experience might be. Moreover, there is a financial glossary also to help you if you want to know more about the terminology of the markets. You can get each and every answer of the popular questions you ask on ADSS.

To begin with ADSS, you need to open a live account and start your trading journey and create success in your trading strategies. You can open trading account that is perfect for both beginners as well as experienced traders. You can open either a free demo account or a paid account. If you’re a beginner then I’ll suggest you to practice trading on the demo account without any risk.  When you Sign Up, you’ll be credited with US$50, 000, allowing you to perfect your strategies before entering the market.

It’s an awesome, innovative app which offers low-cost CFD trading through its OREX platform. It includes shares, Forex, Indices, commodities and cryptocurrencies to trade upon.ADSS has been developed by the ADSS Securities and it has been compatible with all the Android Smartphones having the latest version of the Operating System. ADS Securities Hong Kong Limited is a  limited liability company incorporated under Hong Kong law.

The app is easy to use and is mobile-friendly to give users a new experience. This app allows you to monitor the markets, transfers, check open positions, manage orders and funds from any location at anytime. There are so many features of the app which distinguishes this app from others. For example- there are more than 90 currency pairs, over 1000 CFDs. You can trade in gold, silver, platinum and palladium as well and many more features are there. It offers a competitive leverage rate across all the products.

So get the advanced new generation FX and CFD trading app on your Android device now. It’s intuitive and user-friendly where you can access the market leading prices and spreads anywhere at anytime.  Go for it now.

Pros: over 90 currency pairs; more than 1000 CFDs; user-friendly app; use anywhere; advanced new generation app; makes trading more easy and comfortable; free to use.

Cons: none.

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