There are now many games on mobile devices that manage to simulate real sports in a way that is fun and enjoyable. One sport that has become popular in recent times within the video game realm is that of bowling. Bowling is a perfect game to play on a mobile device and in this review we will take a look at one of the latest bowling apps on the Android, known as 3D Bowling.

The game is based on a real bowling alley and allows players the ability to try and get the highest score by getting the most strikes possible. Players simply need to throw their bowling ball down the alley at the correct angle, so as to hit the pins effectively and get a strike. The aim of the game is to get as many consecutive strikes that you can manage. But it isn’t always easy. Users will need to practice their throwing skills in order to get a high score and this can take time and effort.


The game has a number of different features that will appeal to fans of bowling, as well as to those who may not be familiar with the sport. The first thing that one will notice about the game is that it has great graphics. These are bright and colorful and will be enticing for the player. When you begin playing the game you will see how realistic it is and will appreciate the realistic physical engine that the game contains. Individuals who appreciate the bowling experience will really enjoy this game.


There is also a selection of other features that will make the game more interesting. Users get to choose the type of bowling ball that they use and each ball reacts in a different way. There is also 5 different bowling scenes that can be used and these all offer a new twist to the fun that can be had. The game will also keep track of all the stats so that you can look back and analyze your success.

The game is easy to play and new players will get to grips with the rules quickly. Users simply place the ball at the location that they want to throw from. When they make the throw they can then also create a curve by sweeping their finger over the screen, so as to create a hook-style throw. This game will provide hours of entertainment and will be good for individuals of all ages.