Who doesn’t like slashing fruits to pieces! As soon as the sharp edge of the blade pierces through the juicy pulp of these fresh fruits, half of our thirst is already quenched. But this profession was never such popular before coming to the world of mobile phone apps. This genre has been so much popular and interesting that even if you keep playing it 24×7, there’ll still be plenty of it left. Today we have one such game to be reviewed. Let’s see how it does on our parameters.

I am talking about the new Windows app called AE Fruit Slash that has been developed by AE Mobile. The app is compatible with Windows Phone 7.5 and later version of the OS. The game is a real treat for any gamer who is looking for some time pass. All you have to do is just slash the sword and cut the ripe fruits as clean as possible.

It is pure gaming action when it comes to AE Fruit Slash. There are many different weapons of choice that you can choose from like Silver Blade, Flame Flash, Golden Lightning, etc. Each blade has its own power and sharpness and you may prefer one over the other. But it doesn’t make sense if you keep on slashing down the fruits freely for an infinite period of time. There are some obstacles that will prevent you from keeping your show on. There are some dynamites in between the fruits which if cut, burst out and your game is over. Then there are Frozen Fruits as well which freeze the entire kitchen and makes it easy for you to slice them one by one.

The game costs around 25MB of your phone space and therefore you can expect some very good graphics. There are various combos if you succeed to keep the tempo high. So overall it’s a very good game which keeps you busy and you should definitely install it now.

Pros: intuitive UI; addictive gameplay; beautiful graphics; free.

Cons: none.

Download the App from AppStore