It has been years since Temple Run first came in the App Store and it just took some days before you could find it in the Android Play Store as well. But Windows Phone still has got a lot of work to do and it is just the start of the OS. So you can’t expect each of those popular high end games to be on the platform, but then each movie has its own heroes. What if the developers from other platforms aren’t changing their sides as yet; there are many other young developers waiting to start a new career. One such developer has made its way to Windows Phone and here we are reviewing his work.

I am talking about the new Windows Phone app called Jungle Run that has been developed by Rivina. The app is compatible with Windows Phone 7.5 and later version of the OS. Now let me tell you that though this game sounds to be similar to Temple Run, it isn’t to the farthest of the sight. Don’t take me too rough on the game but this isn’t what you expect from a Windows Phone based game.

The game starts with a small person standing at one corner of the screen and there is a landscape in the background. But the background is like a blur image copied from some other source and pasted there; neither does it move noris the world alive. At the starting, you don’t even recognize that the game has started. Then a thin line starts coming to you at the bottom. First you don’t recognize what it is but then you come to know that it is a step and you have to jump to get over it. the graphics are so dull that you can’t even imagine it.


The app is available for free in the App Store. I won’t say that this is a good start at all for the developer, if this is his debut. But I would certainly be looking for better ones in the near future from his side.

Pros: fresh gameplay to the Windows platform.

Cons: poor execution.

Download the App from AppStore