Do you often get frustrated or bored while on the queues or sitting idle at home? Playing mobile games are known to provide many benefits today, including spending some casual time or while on train, plane or bus. While most might think this to be an outrageous claim, there is lots of evidence that are available to support it. Scheduling a bit of time in your daily routine for playing mobile games will definitely improve your mood and calm your nerves.

The other best advantage of playing mobile games is that they train the brain. Most of the games today in the playstore train the mind to concentrate naturally.

Air Gravity is one such game in the arcade category, which I found in playstore recently, which definitely increases your concentration. It is a shoot-them-up game that lets the player manage flying a plane and shooting at the upcoming enemy planes.

How to Play the Game?

Download and launch the ‘Air Gravity’ app on your smartphone. Now start playing the game where you get to fight a battle that strikes across multiple upcoming enemy airplanes.

The game involves maintaining the plane on-air as gravity acts on it while simultaneously bringing down enemy planes. The game offers players auto shoot function where all you have to focus on is managing to shoot down the enemy planes and mastering your flying skills. Collect coins to increase your score and health packs to overcome the enemy planes. You can also connect with Facebook and Twitter and share your scores on them.

Some of the Amazing Features of the game:

  • Challenging game arena
  • Entertaining and free
  • Improves concentration
  • Upgrades based on performance

Air Gravity is developed by ‘Dreadnoughta’ and is available for everyone in the Google Play Store.

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