In our quick paced life, we appear to will in general, to overlook our everyday gadgets. In some cases our pets, likewise, add to our rundown of lost things. GPS tracking frameworks are an amazing innovation in this cutting edge time. Individuals hand-off on the GPS tracking framework for each gadget and parade. Utilizing this following framework, individuals can follow their kids, pets and other electronic gadgets that will, in general, get lost. At present the GPS innovation has progressed to more refreshed levels and helps in law requirement, business ventures and crisis administrations.

Floky is a propelled GPS tracker that aides in following your gadgets, your pets and youngsters. You can even keep track on the off chance that you have left your vehicle in a secure area.

How the application functions:

Download and introduce the Floky application in your smart phone or other gadgets. Floky is a versatile security application that enables its clients to locate their lost belongings like pets, vehicles, watches and different gadgets that are associated with the web. Floky is the most natural and affordable answer for tracking your assets through the intensity of online life.

It likewise gives you a hold over your belongings. In addition, you will have the option to get to know about the whereabouts of your belongings. You should enroll in the Floky application and can have the option to follow all your own things from anyplace. This application utilizes a beacon innovation to follow your lost possessions.

Features of the application:

Floky application has different highlights that are novel.

•  Easy to utilize. The application is amazingly easy to understand for clients.

• Economical. With its zero charges approach, the application is absolutely efficient

• Safe. It keeps your items protected and secure and lets you have a 24*7 eye on things.

Compatible with:

Android and iOS Platforms.