Slot machine games are pretty simple and take little thought, because all you need to do is pull the handle and hope you land on three of the same. The rarer those three are the higher amount of prize you will receive. With this iOS App feature of Barcode Slots that simple concept changes quite a bit. Of course there is no handle as all you need to do is use your finger on the touch pad. But this game has some hidden features that you don’t get in a regular slot machine.

With this iOS App of Barcode Slots you can unlock hidden features and hidden mini games just by playing the game. The graphics are fantastic in the main game, taking the digital slot machine to a whole new level. The mini games are a perfect throwback to the simple concept games of Mario and Donkey Kong in that their graphics are simpler and to the point. Unlock ways to increase your betting, your winnings and your ability to play more mini games. The side bar on the game shows some of the combinations you can get for winnings, but by hitting other combinations is how you unlock the hidden features.


Game play is pretty simple and doesn’t take much but the touch of a button. In minutes I had already unlocked a few of the hidden features which then show up at the bottom of the screen. This shows you what you unlocked, even if you are not sure how you did it. After playing for a short while longer I was finally able to unlock one of the mini game inside the game. There could be endless amount of hidden features and as the game updates more features get added making it more addicting as you will want to see what you can unlock next.