As an individual with many friends located outside of the United States, I have been in constant search for some way to reduce the cost of calls and text messages with my international friends. After downloading Cheap Calls (available in the Google Play store) I believe that I have finally found the solution I have been looking for.

The application is 3.15 MB, so it is not tiny, but it downloaded to my phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 4) incredibly quickly. Cheap Calls gives you 0.56 cents (USD) of credit as a trial, which is the equivalent of five international texts with a few cents left over. The best part of this credit is it allows you to try out the system with absolutely no obligation. After playing around on the app for a few moments and using my free credits, I was completely hooked. The call quality is amazing, better than I got just by using my cell phone, and text messages go through quickly and securely. What really struck me though was the seamless integration of my contacts and messages– the interface is actually better (and far more attractive) than my phone’s texting application and calling system.


Honestly, I cannot say enough great things about this application! At first I was afraid that I would get trapped by hidden fees– I have been burned by other companies in the past– but it turns out that Cheap Calls is completely above board. Use of the application is one hundred percent free, you only pay for what you use. You can reload your credits for as little as $5.00, and Cheap Calls gives you credit whenever you refer a friend! Best of all, users can text message each other through the application free. Even international calls are spectacularly inexpensive, up to 98% lower than rates offered by phone companies.

If you are considering using this application, do not hesitate. I, for one, am never going back to paying full price to communicate with my friends internationally.