There are several types of games available on iTunes and many of them have similar game play. If you are bored with the easy game play of the basic games in the store it is time for trying something that is different. You can check out the games of breakout style where you have to save yourself from upcoming dangers. The new game on the store, Bomb Squadz is not going to be easy at all and the breakout style of the game is modified to make it more interesting. The game has attractive music track playing in the background that keeps you on the edge of your sit till the game is over.

Bomb Squadz, presented by Ali Arimi has an additive twist to it. Here, you are not playing one way or two ways but playing all around the screen. Freddy the hero of the game will be in the center of the screen and attacks will come from all direction. You have to be really attentive and concentrate quite high in defusing the bombs before they blast and you will also have to deflect the fireballs by spinning the gear in every possible direction. The number of bombs will multiply as you progress in the game but you cannot let it loose at any point of time. Letting your control loose will mean death in the game. The paid game is filled with features that require mention.


  • Bomb Squadz is an exciting game that has breakout style of gameplay.
  • The game play covers 360 degree which means you require great control on the screen and you have to be quite attentive throughout.
  • The gear can be rolled for a limited time period and the action is based on real physics.
  • You can play the general game or you can play with multiple fireballs coming your way. The game is going to be hotter than ever.
  • You can use the fireballs to destroy the bombs.
  • You will be given points for every bomb you defuse.
  • The game is a fast paced one.
  • You can challenge people all around the world, and see who wins.
  • The game comes with an awesome music and sound track that keeps you on the edge of the seat.
  • You can see the time you have takes and scores you have made in the previous games.
  • The version 1 of the game was released on 17th August 2014 and it has already received numerous complements.
  • It takes only 27.2 MB space to install the game on your iDevice.
  • The game is compatible with iPod touch, iPad and iPhone and it requires iOS version 5.0 or later.


Summary: Bomb Squadz is a paid game in the iTunes store which has a breakout style game play and it really require skill to handle the game.

Good: The 360 degree all round game play is additive and it keeps you at the edge of your seay.

Bad: The graphics of the game could be improved and the game could have been made more colorful.