Falling Bowling is one of the newest gaming apps on the iTune app store. While iPhone users are already going ga ga over this game, we decided to find out for ourselves by doing a review of the app. So, if you are confused whether give this game a try or not, you have reached the right place.

Here we have reviewed the gaming app on four parameters; concept, visuals, user interface and user experience.

Let’s begin!


When it comes to gaming apps, concept is the king! Going by the name, our first impression was that Falling Bowling is some kind of a bowling game app. Well, it is bowling, but of a different kind! You have a bowling ball here and you have make the ball reach the deepest point of the game without hitting the spikes. The concept is pretty unique, and the unlockable goodies make the game more fun.



The visuals of the game is good, but nothing that we have not seen before. The brick-wall background gives the look of a bowling alley, the sounds combined with the graphic is pretty cool. But, it could have been better!

User Interface:

Falling Bowling offers great user interface. The game is easy to navigate and runs pretty stable for hours (yes, we played it quite long). While playing, we have not noticed any hitch at all.

User Experience:

You have to have a good eye and hand co-ordination to play this game. It took a couple of try from our end to get the hang of the game. We found Falling Bowling to be exciting, fun and a bit addictive too. Overall great experience!

So, in the end we would be rating Falling Blowing in every category on the parameter of 5 stars.

Final Verdict: Considering all the aspects, Falling Bowling is definitely a downloadable app! Plus, it is free; so you can try it out without any obligation.