It is not a thing to say that mobiles and Smartphone have changed our way of communication and living. The year 2011 hyped the usage of mobile applications and software development. According to a study, the growth in software development increased from 30 percent from last year to 40 percent this year. The mobile application usage is not only bounded to general users but also reaching to business users and the growing mobile usage in the world increased demand for newer and better applications, which is leading to more software demand and fewer software developers. By a study on an average a person spends 50-58 minutes per day using mobile applications. The mobile app economy estimated nearly $5 billion and expected to become nearly $20 billion in a half decade.

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As the Smartphone and the application market is growing, it’s increasing the demands for new training institutes and software developers. As the software field in an ever-growing market, the future is mobile and career growth is a mobile application. Once you have gained proper qualifications and experience, you can expect to earn $90000 – $110000 per year. There are a number of training institutions and programmes that provide training and courses to become a mobile app developer, mobile media designer and application designer. Apart from international companies like apple or Google many other companies are developing the applications and are holding big shares in the global market. As the market goes through more demand of apps and less supply the developers should never worry about their job security and career growth

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Since mobile app development is IT platform based thing, therefore, developers should have knowledge and specialisation in the IT field with the experience of servers (WAP, XML, WTA etc.), browsers (like XHTML), languages (c++, Java, c, etc.), stacks and clients.Nowadays Most of the employers hire the developers who at least have a bachelor degree in IT field such as software engineering, mobile app development, computer science, etc.