Coordinating office work can be a hectic and sometimes frustrating task. Many activities need supervision and it even gets worse when this activities are happening concurrently.There is a wonderful product that comes in form of business coordinating software called Pyrus.  Pyrus is a powerful software that lets you assign tasks to members, monitor the task progress, approve and even chat with your team. All this is saved online and is accessible through different platforms like desktop browser, Android, IOS and even on Windows Phone.

Approving Documents on the go
Business goes with you wherever you go. Pyrus software takes this into consideration and allows its users to automate the approval process. You no longer have to physically be in the office or make expensive phone calls. Approval of documents attendance lists, budgets and other essentials is only a click away.

Powerful Task Creation and Delegation
With Pyrus , you can create tasks and even sub tasks, due dates, approvals needed and even set the urgency of each task. If you need to attach a file to a task such as a picture or document, Pyrus got you covered. Interestingly, the item does not have to be in your local device, since Pyrus is based on the convenience of accessing the software wherever you are, the files should also be universally accessible too, to achieve this, Pyrus allows you to retrieve files from Box, Dropbox and even Google Drive. The tasks can be delegated to individuals and their progress can be easily represented in glanceable percentages that save you time. Using the web app version, creating of recurring tasks is possible ,it even goes further to let you split tasks into simpler shorter ones each with their own approval personnel and due dates

Chat with teammates
For you to be able to coordinate with the your team. you need a way to freely communicate and exchange ideas.Pyrus allows you to communicate not only with your teammates and even not just all the Pyrus’s users, but you even can send messages to someone email if that person doesn’t use Pyrus.

Works even when offline
Sometimes business takes us to remote places where internet is shaky or sometimes not available at all. Not to worry, Pyrus can let you work with its Apps and the changes you made will be automatically synchronized once you get back online.

Tasks Management and Automation
Our jobs sometimes lead to large volumes of repetitive tasks that need to be handled in a limited time span. This batch processes can be extremely tasking even to the most zealous among us. Pyrus purposes to make your life a lot easier by letting you automate large volumes of requests and orders by creating automated workflows. This greatly saves time and peace of mind of the users.

Security in a business and its operations is a serious consideration regardless of business field. Different personnel in a business have different access and clearance permissions. Pyrus implements this by enabling you to determine the access permission settings of each your employees thus ensuring everything falls in the right hands.

Pyrus has well thought out features that presented in a simple intuitive user interface that is accessible via a myriad of platforms. The free version has all the essential features to easily coordinate your colleagues and the premium version touches every aspect and crevice of a modern business. Give Pyrus a try today and you will be amazed by the efficiency it brings to your business.

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