Claim it! is a free app available in the Apple app store. It features contests to win prizes on a weekly basis. Unlike other apps, Claim it! is 100% free.


The prizes you win must be picked up at a Claim it! truck, which are currently only in New York City. Claim it! states in the app description that New York City is it’s launch city, implying that they plan to expand to other cities in the future. The contests are open to anyone in the United States, so if you do not live in New York City, but you are in the area; you are still eligible. The rules also state that you must be 18 years of age or older to participate. Claim it! also states that you may be asked to provide proof of age.


The main purpose of Claim it! is to enter contests and claim free prizes. Claim it! offers many opportunities to win. There are three types of contests in the app. The first one, instant win, guarantees that you get a prize. All you have to do is turn the Bluetooth on your phone on and be within at least 150 feet of a Claim it! truck to win. These prizes are often smaller, but you are sure to get one. The only catch is, if you claim an instant prize you cannot claim a weekly offer that week. The weekly offers have a little bit more value than the instant prizes, but you are not guaranteed to get one. You claim weekly offers for a chance to win, and you will receive a text message to notify you if you do win. You do not have to be near the Claim it! truck to win these prizes; however, you do need to pick them up there. The last type of contest in the app is the special offer. There are multiple of these and unlike the other contests, they can last for any amount of time rather than a week. These contests are much more random. With the other contests you can only win one prize per week, but with the special offers you have the opportunity to win more. These contests do not count as your weekly prize either, so you can win a special offer and an instant prize or weekly offer.


It is reasonable to be skeptical of an app that promises free stuff; however, Claim it! appears to be trustworthy. In the Apple app store, it has a five star rating and overwhelmingly positive reviews. There were no claims of scam. Claim it! does not ask for any personal information like, credit card information, SSN, etc. All that is required to signup is a phone number to receive SMS alerts that notify you when you have won a contest, and your age, which must be at least 18 or older. Claim it! seems to be safe with little to no risk involved.



Overall, Claim it! has many positive features, a good reputation, and no investment required. It is a great app to use if you live in or near New York City. If you do not, there is no real use for it; however, there is hope that it will expand to other locations in the future. I definitely recommend using Claim it!