As much as people look for smart pedometers that are friendly and easy to use, it is not often that you come across one like it. To have a fitness trainer in the form of a mobile app, is the dream! To count you steps for you, to track the exercise and movements you make during your workout session, such mobile fitness applications give a taste of what it feels like to have your fitness guru all along with you. One of the most recommended apps that come to talk is the Pacer (for iPhone only). This weight loss coach works on helping you track the routine of your work and blood sugar level. It is strict, caring and an effective free app!


Pacer is a Pedometer along with a BMI and a Weight Loss tracker. The latest version available in the market for free is of 3.5.12 and a product of the Pacer Inc, by Apple. This application gives you the solution of an all in one package for the perfect weight loss regime. If you feel lazy, Pacer makes you get up and be active. It does not allow browsing other apps while it goes on to keep you in the track and helps you meet the daily goals. A wonderful initiative by Apple to motivate every weight losing enthusiast in being fit and living a healthy life. 


Distinguished Features of Pacer the iPhone App

Let’s have a look at the detailed features that Pacer has to offer.

· Pacer provides a daily activity tracker that’s update every time you open the application.

· Gives a bar graph to provide the record of the history.

· Updates the detailed data about your weight, BMI, pressure and requirements.

· Free for everyone. 

Understand the Benefits of Pacer for iPhone

The various pros of the iPhone only application include:

· Weight Loss Coach- Tracking of activities and daily steps. 

· Tracker- BMI tracking device. 

· Regular Checker- Acts as a blood pressure checker, daily.

· Strict- Keeps you from being distracted. 

· Effective- Aims at competing daily goals.

· Wonderful Reviews- Positive user recommendations.


In order to decide if Pacer is really effective for you, know about its cons as well. Even though these are not highlighted, some of the users did complain about the following.

· Consumes battery- Many users found Pacer to consume charge quickly. 

· Supports iOS only- Some users wished it was available in other systems as well.

· Poor access of location settings- Accessing locations to keep track anywhere was a problem faced by some users. 

· Cannot select desire activities- One cannot select their desired activity for the day as Pacer decides it for them. 

· No pair up option with heart rate monitors. 

· Charges for updates- Various charges are needed to upgrade to higher versions.

To Wrap Up

Therefore, install Pacer the iPhone application to reduce your weight while leading a healthy regime and a constant monitor of your health rates. Are you game? Go on then, download and start working on it right away. The Pacer application is highly recommended for all.