Idle click games are now the latest in trend. These are games that offer progress to the player with zero interaction. It is like the games plays on its own. An idle game is one that allows the player to stay active even after the game is closed. Idle games gives the players a sense of achievement and provides the player with a clear sense of progress.

Developed by:

Click Lands – Fun and Exciting Idle Game’ was designed and created by ‘Fraternal Studios’.

How the app works:

Download and install the Click Lands – Fun and Exciting Idle Game’ app on to your mobile phone or other mobile devices that are suitable with the app. ‘Click Lands – Fun and Exciting Idle Game’ app portrays an entire island of beautiful pastures where you can see colourful flying hot air balloons up in the air, different animals frolicking about in the island and pirate ships and chests. Click anywhere on the game to win loads of game cash. Earn as much as you can and see how much billions and millions you are capable of earning.

Features of the app:

Click Lands – Fun and Exciting Idle Game’ app has many exciting features of which some are listed here.

  • Cute animals that can be seen running about the pastures
  • With massive clicks and incentives, how fast can you reach your first billion
  • Lots of fun islands, coves, lagoons, ships, waterfalls and treasures to explore along with pirates
  • A fun and interesting game that has idle clicking bonus which are a great way to pass time
  • HD quality graphics that are spectacular, vibrant and colourful

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Compatible with:

‘Click Lands – Fun and Exciting Idle Game’ works with all devices powered by Android and iOS.