Every puzzle game has its own little challenges, making each one of them unique. With the game of Two Dots however the simple has become complicated to the point of making a challenging game hard to put down. Game have evolved over the years to encompass great graphics, but they lack in game play and the ability to get you hooked into the game.

 Two Dots is a mind blowing game that takes the simple practice of connect the dots and makes it into a challenge. The game starts off pretty easy until you get the idea of this mind game. Not only is not as simple as connect the dots, it adds a little more creativity to it. By connecting certain dots you get to larger connections and progress through levels much faster. The dots continue to move down as you make connections similar to what you will find in the game of Tetris. The challenge is that you are only given so many moves in order to meet your goals for the level. You can sink the anchors, stop the fires or create bombs to get rid of more dots. The levels of course get more challenging as you progress and you have over 25 levels to play.


This mind game is free to play, however if you want to progress faster with the best items it will take a little time playing the game to earn them, or cash to make the purchase right away.