Coin Gabbar is a Cryptocurrency Marketcap website and Crypto News App in India that provides you with the most up-to-date crypto chart prices of digital assets. It illustrates the top gainers and losers chart and Portfolio updates.

Coin Gabbar provides detailed information on 13000+ Crypto assets on its website and adds new crypto every day for users, along with detailed information on all the features of each crypto, such as Market Cap, Supply Quantity of Token, Source Code, Websites, Social Media Accounts, historical data, White Papers, Market Pairs to track active trading, Relevant News, and Technical Chart for Active Traders.

Users can also view the Top Crypto Categories and exchange data for Pairs and Volumes. Users can increase their profit margins by keeping a close eye on Initial Coin Offerings, Airdrops, and upcoming events in which they can participate early. One of the most important features is the ability to track coins chosen for investment using a watchlist and monitor portfolio activities for already invested tokens.

Coin Gabbar includes the following features:

  • Detailed Gem Coin to help you make wise decisions
  • Cryptocurrency Research Papers to help you understand the entire project

Research Papers & Gabbar Gem Coin

The most recent launch features include Gem Coins, which combines a detailed analysis of undervalued coins with strong fundamental elements. There is also a feature called Research Papers, which consists of a 360-degree analysis of the coin covering every aspect of its life timeline. The most desired part of Open Forum has also been enabled, allowing users to share their thoughts and queries, share information, and ask questions about crypto assets or any token within the community and from experts.

Mock Trading

This mock trading feature also allows you to practice investing in the Coin market without spending money. This feature is intended to increase user confidence in the Crypto World before investing. Existing weekly prices are announced via Giveaways and Virtual Cubs.

Integration of Portfolios – Upcoming Feature

Coin Gabbar is also developing quality Multiple Portfolio Integration features. It will assist in maintaining a virtual portfolio of all Crypto Assets in one place to watch and monitor the portfolio regularly without the inconvenience of logging in to various exchanges every time to check your portfolio.

Final Thoughts

Coin Gabbar, the crypto assets marketplace that claims to be India’s first service provider of its kind, has launched a Reward Program that no serious crypto investor should pass up.