Talking Larry the Bird  …..Meet Larry, the talking bird. The new voice mimic App for Andriod. You speak into the headset and Larry repears whatever you say in a high pitched voice. You can interact with Larry in a lot of different ways, including, poking him, feeding him, playing a little piano on the bottom of the screen which Larry will then repeat or even struck him with lightening! Although why you’d quite want to do that to such a cute little bird I don’t know…


You are also able to record your voice and interactions with Larry and upload it onto YouTube or even share it via Facebook or email, which would make for a nice little surprise to whoever you send it too. Being the simplistic person that I am, I enjoyed speaking to Larry and seeing what my voice would sound like if it was turned up a few hundred octaves. Although the features on the App are limited, he’s very addictive and extremely cute. A neat little App which will definitely cure boredom and keep you entertained on your lunch-break.