Are you in search of an interactive virtual whiteboard solution that allows for the collaboration of any team visually? Then, Deskle is a workspace that is custom-made for visual thinking, research and collaboration. This application serves as the unlimited virtual space that provides the perfect place for brainstorming, prototyping, project management, sketching, data visualization and more. This online collaboration system helps you get everything in one place.

Deskle offers greater space for creativity and includes project management, video conferencing, contact management, task management and editing in real-time. It helps us add pictures, videos, sticky notes, comments, and screenshots along with the URL, document files, mockups, drawings, tables, charts, kanban cards, mind maps, independent widgets and a lot more. After detailed research that was carried among various experts like innovators, marketers, engineers and freelancers, the team has crafted this wonderful tool filled with a lot of capabilities that will help an organization to scale, collaborate and iterate faster. 

Deskle comes with all the tools a person needs for team efficiency and productivity. It is fast and secure and can be used by signing up with Google, Facebook, GitHub or Microsoft account. There is a 14-day free trial offered by the team and you can make use of it. It comes with different pricing plans to suit your different needs. All the plans are tailored to suit businesses of all sizes: small, medium and large of which each of them comes with different pricing.

The major benefits of using this online whiteboard are that it reduces the time required for the task and the meetings and negotiations. It assists the team in making enhancements to the projects and also improves the efficiency of the team. It gives the employees and customers the power to utilize all the online tools regardless of their location and time zone. Deskle has got an intuitive and user-friendly interface that helps anyone with basic computer knowledge to work easily in it. Deskle virtual whiteboard comes in different languages and it simplifies the integration of the service into current business processes. When you have any queries, you can mail the team on [email protected] and get them answered.

Deskle is one awesome free tool that helps you organize your ideas. This real-time platform is a perfect combination of management tools with ease of use and flexibility. The transparent approach, cloud storage facility and the natural method of collaboration makes Deskle the ultimate solutions for your whole team.  

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