Looking for a task management or team collaboration platform? Choose Infolio. It makes planning and managing your projects simpler. You can either use your Google account or sign up with your email id to track the progress. Infolio allows you to create a new project or import an existing one from other platforms. You can name it and grant access to the team members according to the requirements. The task board of the application is easy to use and intuitive. 

It can be anything like marketing, management, design, HR, product or sales or other use cases, Infolio comes in handy. It supports kanban, gives you a table view with a personal CRM that is lightweight. It comes with templates that are suitable for any kind of project. Users will be able to update and edit the tasks quickly and easily. They can brainstorm and come up with creative ideas that facilitate the collaboration of the team. All the marketing assets like images, blog posts, web links or documents can be uploaded to the visual boards and organized according to your wish.

When you have any questions about the features, pricing, or need a demo or want to know more about team collaboration, the team is always there to help you out. Just send them your questions and they are ready to answer you with pleasure. Infolio is an integration of all the tools like Trello, G Suite, asana, slack and dropbox. You need not have to register on all these tools that ask you to pay per user. Infolio can be used across all the devices through the cloud storage thereby facilitating seamless collaboration of teams. 

Users can follow the team of Infolio on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Youtube. Simplicity coupled with excellence makes it one unique, awesome tool that saves a lot of money and time of yours. The application is notable for its value for money, ease of use, outstanding features and awesome customer support. The iOS version of the application can be accessed from anywhere through your iPhone or iPad. 

Infolio is completely free for use and they offer you everything you need and they do not ask for your credit card. They give you access to add unlimited projects, unlimited team members, unlimited boards and spaces, custom fields, cloud services integrations and all the features you can eat along with a 1 GB storage for the free version and a 50GB storage for the professional plan. It also comes with priority support and personal onboarding as well. 

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