Smarphone gaming has become a part of our daily living and we intend to find new games with new physics and technology to keep ourselves entertained. If old games of running and racing have become quite boring to you, just try out some construction games where you will be given an aim to construct things and you can complete the level once the construction is done. Construction Crew is one such game in the category and it is already quite popular. Not only people who are interested in construction game can play it, but people who are looking for something new, will also enjoy the game.

Construction Crew is such a game that can be downloaded for free and it would not require much space on your device. This game is one that you can enjoy with your kids as the images and the content of the game is child friendly. The graphics of the game is quite fresh and you will not find any similarity with any other game. The game requires android 2.3 or later version, which makes it downloadable to most of the android phones and tablets. Enjoy the numerous levels of your game and show your skills as you ascend to levels.


  • Construction Crew is a construction based game where you require constructing road and other infrastructure with the tools you will be provided with.
  • There are a total of 12 tools that you can use in the game. Every tool has its unique usage and you can use the tools as per requirement. The tools include, truck, tractor digger, dumper, truck, crane, forklift and more.
  • 45 levels are there in the game that is distributed in three worlds. You can expect new levels to be added in the coming versions.
  • The graphics of the game is quite cool and it is friendly to your kid’s usage.
  • The game requires you to be experimental and try new moves every time you get stuck.
  • The sound of the game is quite cool and soothing to the ears.
  • The game requires android 2.3 or later and the it takes around 17 Mb space on your device.
  • The game version 1.0 was released some days back and it has already been downloaded by many.
  • The game is currently available for free.


Summary: Construction Crew is a new game on the store which requires you to construct roads and all such things with the use of 12 unique tools available in the game. The game is based on physics and thus, the game play is simple.

Good: The good graphics of the game makes is good for children.

Bad: The game has god good reviews from all over the world. So nothing bad is reported.

It is available in IOS version too.