When I first took a look at this game, it looked akin to Super Mario Bro. This was appealing, but once it is played, it is more addicting then anything. The goals you have to meet are simple yet entertaining. The fact that it is a fee game is definitely a plus. The biggest wonder is why the developers aren’t charging to play.


Most app games are lacking in the graphics department. French’s World has mind blowing art work. It isn’t the normal low quality pixel art. It is bubbly and fresh. The designers deserve an award for the entertainment and appeal of the artwork alone.

Gamer Addiction:

Avid gamers are hard pressed to find a game that will retain their attention for more then ten minutes. Not the case with French’s World. I could not put this addictive game to rest. I would list the addiction level of this game with the likes of candy crush and the peak of words with friends.


It’s Free:

Most games on Google games that are of this quality sell. This enjoyable game is free. There is no guilt to this addiction. I can not find a thing objectionable. I am very glad I was introduced to it and highly recommend it to anyone.