That isn’t even a clickbait title. There’s a new social media app on the block and it’s called Compete. Focused on the awesomeness of viral challenges, it’s a video-first platform that lets you take part in challenges for everything from celebrity impressions to soccer skills. It’s available on iOS and Google Play!

Having the talent is the difficult part – creating an amazing 15-second video is easy. The app features an in-build video editor that’ll feel familiar to TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat users. You can add a huge variety of music tracks from different genres, effects and create a nice-looking video in no time.

Once you’ve posted your video and entered the challenge, watch the likes and votes roll in. If you’re not participating and just want to check out all the incredible, sometimes hilarious and always interesting videos, that’s fine. You can like, comment, share and cast your vote for who you think should win.

Not sure if you have talent? There are so many different categories, you’re almost guaranteed to find something! Whether you’re great with a soccer ball, do fantastic impressions, dance or have an insanely cute pet, you’ll find a challenge you can vibe with.

Compete doesn’t want you to take yourself too seriously. It’s an authentic, fun and relaxed social media experience which – in my opinion – is just what the world needs.

Check out Compete on the App Store, Google Play or for more information!