What is great about the Electronic Toolbox is very clear. It is a truly amazing iOS App of the highest grade and quality possible. Some would have to say that this electronic reference and calculation resource is a necessity, as well as, a definite given for all those who need regular access to a truly awesome electronic reference for information that they can use again and again. The Electronic Toolbox will give you the necessary electrical knowledge and what not that you demand the most. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional, a hobbyist, a HAM radio operator, or just students who need to have some insight on electronics from the get go.

The Electronic Toolbox is a top of the line tool, which is also, a great educational resource for everything and anything that is electronic in description. What makes this iOS APP far more than ordinary is the fact that is has so much behind it. This so much is all about electronics in detail. It also has calculations power, as well, in addition. Therefore, it is indeed, the whole package in essence. It is the one tool box that many will be happy to have and to never be without. You can use Electronic Toolbox Pro to bring out the electrical expert inside of you.


This is electronic reference complete and personified in a very personal kind of way. You will only gain from connecting with it for reference purposes or just to enhance your present knowledge.

Overall Rating For Electronic Toolbox – (iOS App)

(i) Concept: The concept of this app is very educational and thorough in approach. Any educational program is always a value for its own reasons. This one is that and then some.

(ii) Visuals: The visuals are very realistic, crisp, and capture the attention. They also keep one focused on them. Visuals with programs of this type are very appealing, because they go together, if that makes sense.

(iii) User Interface: The user interface is very uncomplicated, simplistic, and user friendly. People can access the information very easy too.

(iv) User Experience: A person will only gain from their exposure with this awesome educational tool. Electronics and anything electrical is fascinating and this app helps one to learn in their own way.