Opening this app, I did not have high expectations. However, this app has proved me wrong. The user interface is very user friendly. The developer does not need all of the fancy additions that other apps use. Once you actually use the app, it speaks for itself. It is very plain looking but it is innovative. I really love how the developer has added the option of where users can buy the song that has played in the game. Using audio files in the app itself is a brilliant idea and a breath of fresh air.

When playing Basic Mode, there are eight different genres of music to pick from or the user can choose to mix it up and choose the “all” option. In Basic Mode, after you have chosen the genre you would like to play, it directs you towards a start page. I believe this page serves no purpose. The user must then wait for the audio file to load. In the Basic Mode, I noticed a lag in the loading of the audio file at times. In other instances,however, it loaded quickly.

In Level Mode, as the name suggests, there are different levels you can play. Each level has a different “challenge”,so to speak, that it wants the user to complete. The loading issues that I noticed in Basic Mode are not present in Level Mode. At the end of each level, the user gets to a screen that displays all the points earned throughout the entire game. They have the option of sharing their scores for bonus points. I think that is an excellent way to make the app known.

As for space that it takes in phone memory, It is advantageous. It is a small app. It only takes up around 23 MB of phone memory.


All in all, my experience was an enjoyable one. I love both music and trivia. So, combining the two with such an innovative app is so appealing. I thoroughly enjoyed playing each level and both modes. TRACK – QUIZ | NAME THAT SONG! app would be fun for people of all ages.