Ever wondered if you would survive in a zombie apocalypse? The Final Fortress – Idle Survival game allows you to test out your skills in a world where zombies have completely taken over. You’ll use your clicking powers in this idle game to defend yourself and your team against zombies, build up your resources, and begin to restore humanity back to the world. Assess how well you’d be able to protect yourself against zombies – and completely kick boredom to the curb – with this awesome app.

To get started on your zombie mission, download the app from the App Store or Google Play ( it’s available for both iOS and Android). All you need to do before you can begin is enter your name (so you’ll always be seen on the leaderboard!), and then you’re all set to play. This idle clicker game means you just click on your screen to advance in the game. Your goal will be to add more floors to your fortress, while also earning necessary resources like gas, diamonds, and more survivors to add to your team. Every level means you’ll have other obstacles, and you’ll need to work to continue to weaponize your tower and defend yourself against the zombies. There are also ways to boost your score, like finding blueprints that can unlock special rooms and added bonuses.

The game really gets exciting when you can advance to higher levels. There you’ll be able to venture out to the wilderness to find other survivors; many can be very valuable additions to your team, like a carpenter or doctor. The more members you have, the more gas you can earn (which is the most valuable commodity in the zombie apocalypse). Some fun added features are the door-to-door salesman that appears to offer you a spin on a lucky wheel and the Radioactive YOLO and Coffee Time bonuses with income and productivity boosts. You can even invite your online friends to join on your journey with you. This can make the game feel a little more competitive too.

Because Final Fortress – Idle Survival is an idle clicker game, you shouldn’t expect a lot of complicated challenges or graphics. But if you’re interested in playing a simple game, you’ll definitely enjoy this app. Just make sure you’re aware that there are some in-app purchases that are the only way you can get truly unlimited access to the game’s features.

Learn how you’d survive in a zombie apocalypse by checking out the Final Fortress – Idle Survival app today!