The world today has become a buzz with so many different social sites or social apps that one could very well use for a variety of reasons ranging from making friends, creating business relationships, voting, finding jobs and finding yourself that perfect date that could also interestingly lead to finding a lifelong soul mate. Apps or sites that allow people to socialize in a more casual manner are all too popular especially among the youth or just people who generally are young at heart and like to interact with the rest of the world with so much ease and confidence. Such include facebook, twitter, tinder, you name it. There is however this one app that you might or might have not heard of. As the title reads, the Koko-Vote Chat app now available on android devices. The developers say it was created to help you flirt and chat your way into a hot date minus the whole strain of the chase but with sass.

As the name suggests this app has features that allow you to Meet people with similar interests as yourself.

Vote until you find your crush. Through the app you can vote a number of times for others as this is a great way of increasing the chances of you winning yourself an opportunity to flirt with your crush.

Chat your way into a date that you will not want to forget. With just a click you can get yourself the chance to go out with your dream guy or girl.

Some of the pros of the Koko-vote-chat app include:

  • It is totally free to download and use.
  • It places emphasis on taking photos of your actual self in real time (via the app’s RealShot feature) and, get this, nudes are not allowed. How awesome is that! The RealShot feature basically helps confirm that you are the exact person you claim to be. So in simple terms  through this app, you will get to meet “real” people and not “fakes” because several people like to hide behind some perfect image.
  • It makes it easier to find people with the same interests and concerns and basically guides you through the process of getting yourself that ideal date.
  • It is available on android phones play store and can be used conveniently once downloaded and installed to your device.
  • Inappropriate sexual advances or harassment of any kind is not tolerated.
  • This particular social app is available in a number of languages starting from English to French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish.

Some of the cons of the app include:

It is only available in selected countries.

There is no guarantee that through the app you can get your life long partner.


This is definitely an app that one should try. It has more pros than cons. Through it whether single or not one can definitely meet new people from all walks of life with different preferences and orientations. It therefore allows more people into your social circle and somehow boosts your ego while you are at it It is an app that has certainly added sass into the already interesting world of dating. Using it makes one feel both young and so full of energy and it does give a big boost to your skills of socializing. Undoubtedly it allows you to keep still and stable in case things do not go your way. That said though, could go the other way. Just saying that through this app you could also find your soul mate.

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