Frame’s intelligent suggestions are designed to help teams work smarter and faster. With its powerful search engine, you can quickly find the information you need, no matter where it’s stored. Frame can even suggest related content and topics to help you stay on track. And with its automated reminders, you’ll never miss a deadline.

Frame’s calendar integration ensures that all team members are kept up to date on tasks and deadlines. In addition, Frame’s powerful analytics and reporting tools give you the insights you need to make better decisions. Track progress, measure performance, and identify areas for improvement.

Frame is unmatched when it comes to centralizing company documents in one single place with a unified format. Frame is important in day-to-day work when it comes to coordinating cross-functional projects. Despite having every productivity tool at fingertips, they are still swamped with countless tabs and stuck toggling between platforms, all while neglecting most valuable asset. With Frame, focus is not a feature – it’s a philosophy that we build everything from.

Frame isn’t just another team tool—it’s your team’s new powerhouse!

‍All-in-One Hub: Say goodbye to app hopping. Frame bundles all your essential team tools into one sleek hub without having to switch between apps, so you can channel your energy into productivity.

Frame plans are the following:

‍‍Free: The free plan includes 5 apps and up to 10 users

‍Standard: Elevate your work at just $9/user/month with 7 apps & up to 30 users

‍Premium: Experience the full suite at $19/user/month with 10 apps and unlimited users. With Frame, superb value meets powerhouse features! Pick your pace, and let’s Frame the future together!

Frame is the perfect tool for teams that need to stay connected and collaborate effectively. With its intelligent suggestions and powerful analytics, Frame helps you stay on top of tasks and deadlines, while ensuring that everyone is informed and up-to-date. No more wasted time searching for information or struggling to stay organized. With Frame, your team can focus on what matters most – getting results.