Do you know that APIs are very costly and requires a lot of efforts if you do everything on your own. Nowadays, when technology has progressed, there are apps which provide API at a lower cost and that makes the development process of an application, easier and effortless. Let’s take an example! If you want to build an application for finding coordinates to conversion and geoparsing then what will you do. Will you start from 0 or just get API from the other websites which is almost free of cost?

An API helps you in fetching the code that you need in the programming of your website or application. An application programming interface (API) allows applications to communicate with one another. In other terms, it’s a publicly available web-based API that returns data, likely in the JSON or XML format. So, today I want to introduce you to an API called Geocode API which is used for geocoding and geoparsing.

There are so many plans for getting the API you need and you are supposed to pay for only what you need. It offers a free plan, small plan, medium, large and custom plans for you. The pricing of these plans is not high as you think. However, the number of requests per month, the number of queries, support, HTTPS encryption and self or concierge onboarding service varies with the plan.

There are a lot of features of Geocode API such as:

  1. It is highly scalable because it provides enough performance, no matter how high the request volume is.
  2. Provides real-time results in the JSON format as well as formatted view. Both are human readable.
  3. Geocode API is powered by a strong infrastructure.
  4. There is fair pricing, meaning that you only pay what you need and choose the plan that suits your needs.
  5. The API is easy to use and understand and can be easily integrated in any application.

Once you get the API, you can see the uses of the API in your business. This API provides high server capacity and maximum data which is offered by this tool. So to reduce your development costs and making your business scalable, this is the best API to use. You can make any changes you want and enhance the user experience to make your application reliable and more effective. For example- by providing a fast and reliable location input field into auto completion, enrichment of data, visualization of data, etc.

Overall, Geocode API is the best API which provides data and accurate results. If you want to build a geocoding application, then this one is the right choice! The company provides support to its users all the time for all their queries and any sort of help. You can reach them via Email and get it answered the same day.

Go for it now!

Pros: easy to use; results in JSON format; so many uses and applications; low costs; 24/7 support; unique approach to developing applications. 

Cons: none.