All of us or at least most of have us have a blog running, either connected to our specific business or just to stay connected with interesting facts online. All updating is usually done using a web interface using blogging apps. The iPhone can also help you manage your blog and update it, track statistics and so on to help towards mobile blogging. However, this would depend on the web platform used, such as Blogger, Tumbler or other platforms, such as WordPress, TypePad and Posterous among others.


If you are using Tumblr, you can use the latest version of the app released by this blogging platform itself. The app helps you make quotes or chat with customers and friends. You can also do linking or post something new or check out the dashboard, uploading videos as well in case of using 3GS.


WordPress is the most commonly used blogging platform, available from your server as well as through They offer a great app for the iPhone, the latest being the WordPress 2, with excellent features.


The Tumblr software works the best and users of the Posterous platform will find that there is no iPhone app that has been created to work as well with any other software.  In case you are using the Posterous platform, you need to first set up you account and then email what you want to upload to using the iPhone. In addition, you can also make use of the PicPosterous for uploading videos or any photographs to the blog. You can easily use this app and it offers support for albums as well as geotagging along with pause or Resume options while starting or leaving the app.

Apps used on several Platforms

You can also use multi platform apps, for updating several blogs or while interacting with Blogger and other services, such as MSN Live Spaces and Livejournal. These include: i) the iBlogger, which is capable of automatically configuring blog settings when you first create the blog. Ii) The ShoZu is a little less reliable, but supports services, such as Twitter and Facebook. Iii) The BlogPress offers support for several blogging platforms and users can use this app to uploading videos or several photos at a time.


It offers its own application for the iPhone, making it easy to publish content, but you cannot create drafts or access other posts. Posting on your blog is simple, but that’s about it.

Analyzing your Statistics

You can use the following apps for checking the visitor status to your blog, your followers on Twitter and RSS feed subscribers, etc. The Ego app can track all these and offers a simple user interface, especially for Mint fans. The Birdbrain app is easy for getting statistics related to Twitter and the Analytics App can check out the Google Analytics in case of different sites along with some advanced features.


You can use Safari for running your blog interface, but there are other apps for those using WordPress as well as other blogging platforms.