HikeOrders is a relatively new provider of web accessibility solutions, but it has quickly gained traction. They essentially have two products with distinct services; automated and manual accessibility solutions that can be easily combined for your website.

The manual component is merely an accessibility audit on your website performed by their accessibility experts, who scan your site automatically and manually to generate a comprehensive report with recommended fixes. The automated solution is a website suite, a toolbar that offers front-end accessibility options on your website via a line of code.

This accessibility suite provides tools that improve your site’s usability for everyone, such as people with disabilities. It involves detailed modifiers, screen modifiers, contrast, and dictionaries, among other valuable tools that help people with various types of impairments (except users with total blindness) access web content more easily. They also provide a free browser plugin that performs the same function as a website’s toolbar.

HikeOrders Services and Features

HikeOrders specializes in automated toolbar overlays (Accessibility Enabler) and manual accessibility audits. The preliminary audit, Accessibility Checkup, entails scanning your website with accessibility software to detect fundamental issues and barriers to accessibility, followed by a manual expert review using assistive technologies and other tools to detect persistent compliance issues. Compliance testing, assistive devices compatibility testing, and user testing are standard.

After the audit and report are completed (usually within a specific timeline), you could have your team of developers and designers fix the accessibility issues on your website and web app based on the report, with assistance from HikeOrders’ assigned expert to remediate your digital assets to WCAG 2.0 AA compliance. The latter, of course, will be determined by time and available resources.

Why HikeOrders?

  • Audit to identify issues with accessibility
  • Full WCAG 2.1 AA compliance requires both automated and manual adjustments.
  • Customizable interface based on the user’s preferences (e.g., language, font size, color contrast, etc.)
  • Pricing at the top of the market
  • Statement Regarding Accessibility
  • Compatibility with a wide range of CMS
  • Solid user support

HikeOrders’ automated solution includes a customizable interface called Accessibility Enabler, which enables anyone to customize the webpage to their liking for a better usability experience. It can be used to change the font type, font size, contrast, and filter content, among other accessibility features. HikeOrders’ Read Mate browser plugin functions similarly to the Accessibility Enabler, except for a few significant characteristics that must be purchased.

Final Thoughts 

HikeOrders could conveniently be classified as a hybrid solution, but it is most likely well-known as a provider of automated solutions. HikeOrders approaches these two types of solutions straightforwardly. Its accessibility audits (Accessibility Checkup) provide a detailed report on accessibility issues and suggested solutions. Since it is common practice, the length of the audit and remediation for WCAG compliance will be determined by your specifications.

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