Tell your story with Panoramas, now Roundme available for android users !

‘A picture speaks a 1000 words’. This is more so when we are talking about panoramic photos that give you a 360 degree view. If you like traveling and enjoy photography, you must try out Roundme. This is an online service that allows you to create stories using panoramic images and share them with the world. It is the simplest way to create, publish and view interactive panoramas- or Spaces, as we prefer to call them.

The developers of the service believe that every Space has a story to tell and requires a platform to do so. This is the reason behind creating this service. Photographers who are fond of panoramas have begun using this service increasingly and have found it delightful. The format is so simple that just anyone can use it to create stories and also view them.


Roundme is now beginning to expand its niche into the Android space. This means that you can create and view Spaces right from the comfort of your smart phone on the go. There is so much that one can experience via this app- ranging from the Eiffel Tower to the Times Square to volcanic eruptions to taking a plunge into the depths of the sea. The app has even spread its wings beyond the limits of the earth, spreading its reach into the Martian Desert and the whole Milky Way.

There is so much you can do with the app. To begin with, you can create and view Spaces on the go. You can add the ones you like the most to your favourites collection too. Some of the best panoramic photographers have created their own Spaces on the service. You can view these, subscribe to updates from them and even get a chance to meet them. If you are a business person, you can use this app to allow people to get a virtual experience of your work and your workplace. If you are planning a trip or a vacation, you can use the categories in the app to find the best of hotels, restaurants, places to visit and more. You can even get a feel of the place before you decide to visit it.

It has been said that the best things in the world come for free. The same holds with It is the premiere and the best virtual panoramic photographic service available today and is available for free download online. You can pair it with the headset Cardboard in order to enhance the experience of virtual reality. There are navigation controls within the Space so that you can get a roundabout view of each panorama without having to move an inch or remove your headset.

All said and done, is an excellent tool for using panoramas to build fabulous and engaging stories. After all, a panorama speaks much more than text ever can. You can also add links, pictures, videos and more to keep your viewers engaged.