Inby gives its users the unique opportunity of taking real advantages from publicity. In a nutshell, the user who has installed this app in his smartphone has direct access to all the flyers which could ever arrive in the mail box and maybe even more, with the excellent benefit that he has chosen first whose offer to receive and when. This app provides all the information needed about deals and events, while still respecting the user’s settings and preferences.

Inby is the app for efficient and practical people, who always know a good deal when they see it. In fact, Inby is a great deal itself, by offering in real time a full range of details about various good prices, special offers and the latest events. Inby is about sales, discounts, clearance deals and more. The user is provided good accurate information about his interests with no costs.

The app allows the user to open useful messages on the city map. These messages arrive directly from the source, which is stores, supermarkets, pubs, restaurants, travel agencies, training centers, libraries, museums, health clinics, pharmacies, banks, and any other provider which has something interesting to offer. Another great advantage of this app is that it is selecting the information according to the user’s location on the map. Therefore, the user will be able to see primarily the events and the offers in the nearby and then the rest of the messages.

To make things even easier, the app sorts messages in four different categories, promotions and deals, discounts and sales, vacancies, and news and events, in order to allow the user to find fast and with less effort the things which meet his interests. Even more, the user can choose to know about all categories or about one of them only, depending on how much information he needs.

The app also gives the possibility of subscribing to specific providers in order to always receive their messages and follow their offers. This way, shopping becomes a lot easier and allows better deals. Inby users have the advantage of knowing at any time where the cheapest product can be bought from and what is in fact the real price of the thing they want to buy. One sees a product in the store, checks for similar offers using Inby and takes a smart decision based on accurate information. Shopping is now easier and wiser with Inby, as a person is finally able to buy from the right place at the right time, being completely sure about having chosen the best offer on the market.


Inby creates a great win-win situation, as the user is not the only one who wins from this deal. The app is a great opportunity for all small businesses to promote their products and events and compete with the big stores on the market. Marketing can be done with smaller costs and all offers arrive in real time to the target, efficiently and simply, using the great opportunity provided by Inby.

This app has a user-friendly interface, despite the rich graphic. Navigating inside the map is easy and doesn’t require for too many instructions. Inby is available on the Apple Store and Googly Play. The app requires iOS 8.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.