We can all agree that nothing beats the rush and adrenaline thrill that comes with racing. To most speed junkies like me, racing is always about winning, overcoming all challenges and being the track king. Being among the most played type of games, racing games are the most available and easy to play. Just recently, Apple released a new racing game, Out of Brakes, for mobile devices that is set to keep you thrilled and very much entertained.

To most of us, the word LEGO rings a bell, yeah, am talking about those small boxy cubes we used to build creative and fun toy shapes. Now, try picturing a Lego-like formula one racing car in a mobile app, some will say Apple have just taken today’s technology to the past. Out of Brakes brings the excitement and thrill that you experienced as a kid, but with even more fun.

This amazing gaming app comes with a variety of car and driver options each with different stats. It has an endless game-play where the drivers have to race their way through a number of different obstacles like;

* A wall of blue cubes that mostly act as speed breakers (water barrels). They are meant to reduce the cars speed even though acceleration is gradual throughout the race.

* A wall of red cubes which symbolizes a concrete wall that causes the car to explode into tiny cubes on impact.

* Other obstacles like oil puddles, simple barriers among others

The driver starts by selecting a vehicle while taking into account the stats that the vehicle of choice has. As they race through the track the vehicle’s speed increases gradually. Timing and skill is very important if the driver intends to push their car to the limit and get the highest score. The driver has to make split-second decision since just a little mistake may mean “Game Over”. Despite the number of obstacles hit, the car does not get damaged. However, if they hit a red wall, the car explodes into very many small cubes, therefore, a player’s main objective is to drive as fast as possible while evading all the red walls at all cost.


Out of Brakes, as with all other games, comes with a number of unique, amazing and fun features all set to ensure that the gaming experience is as challenging and interactive as possible. Some of these amazing features include;

* It’s free to play game that can be downloaded from both the iTunes app market and the Google Play Store.

* Players enjoy endless game-play.

* The track has a lot of varied obstacles all aimed at pushing the players’ skills to the limit.

* The game uses Voxel graphics.

* There’s a variety of drivers, stats and vehicles.

* The player enjoys an unlimited track.

If you are the “Need for Speed” type of racer, you may find Out of Brakes a bit old fashioned, but the fact still remains that you are bound to experience the same adrenaline rush and thrill of crashing and speeding through obstacles. This amazing app can be downloaded from the iTunes app market or the Google Play Store market for free. Happy Racing!

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