Are you fond of cats or a true cat lover? Being a cat lover doesn’t mean that you feed a cat, place its pictures on the wall, see cat movies or purchase cat sculptures only. It often means that you’ve 2 or more feline (related to the cat family) companions  with you, you spent so many hours in watching cat videos on the social media or YouTube. If you truly love feline, then you might share those videos with everyone you’re in contact. So, how you’re a cat lover doesn’t need any explanation. However, if you want to connect more with the feline and support them, I’ve an amazing opportunity for you guys!

Well, it’s known as Katt, an app developed by the Katt. Company. It’s a curated online concept store which features feline inspired items for all the cat lovers. It brings a unique platform for all the designers as well as illustrators. Basically, using this app you’ll be introduced to the exclusive collaborations from some of the most relevant independent artists and creative from all over the world. If you like any of those items, then you can add them to your cart and purchase at a very reasonable price directly from the independent makers. There are various traditional feline inspired items such as: sculptures; T-shirts; garments; etc., which not only features feline but the face of the artists behind it.

The Katt’s main objective is to form an online community for the favorite feline living artists, illustrators and designers whether known or unknown. Its major emphasis is on the collaboration and connecting artists to not only each other, but to a growing audience as well. The Katt is a platform for expressing yourself if you’re an artist or a designer. And for everyone else, it’s a place to engage with a rapidly expanding creative cay culture in one place. The collections on the app are unique but, one thing in common i.e. they are not only cats. But the idea and mind behind it which is of a true artist only. Just like the customers and just like us!

As everybody wants a one-stop web shop for shopping the goods that will suit their specific interests. There are new arrivals every month and all the goods are shipped worldwide. So the Katt claims to the number 1 destination that offer a highly curated selection of goods to suit people’s interest. It Overall, I would say that Katt is not only about beautiful statement pieces. But, it’s about showing support through the traditional idea of pins, T-shirt and prints. So, the Katt is showcasing the work of independent makers and supporting the artists behind them. The app offers a good customer service to make your overall experience worth it.

Seriously, this app is going to be a big hit if you, the audience supports it! The app requires any latest version of the Android Operating System and is available for free on the Google Play Store.

Go for it now! Start shopping feline inspired items directly from the independent makers worldwide!

Pros: #1 app on the market; shop feline inspired items directly; unique goal; a nice platform for artists and designers; beautiful products; supports feline;  easy to use interface; free to use. 

Cons: not any.